Add opacity to hex color code

Best practice to use hex color in opacity colors instead of rgba. Now don’t need to find the rgb of $the-colorbefore: background-color: rgba(225, 180, 192, 0.75);

Keep div always square

To keep a div always as a square shape, use code below: div{ width: 100%;    &:after{ display: block; padding-bottom: 100%;    }}

Devices and Media-query

Frontend developers, always are dealing with different devices and orientation. Here I tried to find a table of view port specifications to use in media query. Mobile phones: 360☓640 375☓667 …

Python for absolute beginners – Part4

DATA DICTIONARY variable = {“key”: “value”} person = {“name”: “John”, “age”: 23, “city”: “Montreal”} print(person[“age”])  ==> 23 print(person.get(“age”)) ==> 23 person[“country”] = “canada” print(person) ==> {‘name’: ‘john’, ‘age’: 23, ‘city’: …

Python for absolute beginners – Part2

Get data from user and formatted print input(“Message”) print(“Message”) by this code, you ask the users to input some data now let’s improve it. Some converting functions int(x) float(x) bool(x) …