Modules in ServiceNow

  1. To create a new Module, in Studio, click on Create application file then from Navigation menu select Module.
  2. Set Title and select application, order number is to set the place of this module in application modules list. Write a hind for this module.
    (for now don’t set Roles, we’ll talk about it later)
  3. In bottom of page, change to Link type tab and select List of records and then table.
  4. Now check your Application explorer in Studio. You’ll find new module in Navigation section.
  5. If need to set User role, click on module name and in Visibility tab and find the user role that already created and click on Done button.25.png
  6. To create a module to add a record to table, repeat step1 and in step2 set another title and order.26.png
  7. Set New record in Link type tab.

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